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ORIA MEDIA is a Business Law Firm that provides full services in Media and Intellectual Property law.

ORIA MEDIA assists and advises operators in the sectors of audiovisual, film industry, music, press, events, e-commerce and digital, amongst others.

ORIA MEDIA works daily on transfers or the protection of rights, in determining their existence, their scope, their transmission, and where appropriate, their infringement.



Mathieu DAVY

Former Associate of the Law firm Taylor Wessing and Granrut, Mathieu Davy practiced for 10 years in law of intellectual property and media area.

In 2009, he associated and founded the Law firm, Lawyers 111 (111avocats), dedicated to the literary and artistic property and digital businesses.

He joined the Law firm ORIA LEGAL in 2011 as Partner to develop the IP department – IT / ​​Media, which is now denominated ORIA MEDIA.

Accustomed to working for TV channels, producers, publishers, broadcasters, platforms. He has developed a clientele of operators, dynamic and innovative in the areas of creation, production, technology and new media.

He teaches technology law and regularly writes on French Media (Le Plus).

He is also a founding member of the think tank “Digital Century“.


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The ORIA MEDIA team is able to mobilize five additional dynamic stakeholders to address the specific needs of its clients.


In council, the team provides legal advice on the regulations in force in any conflict of rights or content, and of course, the drafting of all contracts of transfer of rights (co-production, publishing, licensing, distribution, partnership distribution web, digital, e-commerce sales, personal data, etc..).


In litigation, the team regularly deals with disputes relating to infringement, plagiarism, unfair competition and parasitism (urgent and substantial matters, expertise, seizures, especially before civil, commercial and criminal courts) and litigation relating to press offenses, image rights and privacy, and any disputes relating to new technologies (action, litigation, etc..).


The team is also involved in general commercial law and litigation.

Copyright law


New technologies









ORIA MEDIA has been cited in “Leaders League” : Ranking one of the best law firms in 2016 for INNOVATION AND ITS PROTECTION :

  • Internet law: Renowned practice
  • Law of trademarks / Designs : Quality Practice


ORIA MEDIA has also been cited in “Leaders League” : Ranked one of the top law firms in 2016 for MARKETING, INTERNET, MEDIAS, DISTRIBUTION :

  • Music rights: strong reputation
  • Publishing law : strong reputation
  • Advertising and marketing law : renowned practice
  • Audio-visual law: renowned practice


N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute demande d’information ou prise de rendez-vous.

L’équipe d’Oria Media vous répondra dans les plus brefs délais. Consultez les Mentions Légales

  • Address: 98, rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris
  • Phone: +33(0)1 85 74 20 00
  • Email: info@oriamedia.com

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